Beauty in imperfection

Inspired by the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy, a collection that celebrates artisanal purity and simplicity. Rough & textured materials. Hand crafted. Almost art.

Oval plate S. In grog clay, stoneware with the addition of little pieces of crushed fired clay.
Green and white glaze, contrasts of intensity and texture. Glaze superimposed with ashes, applied by ladle or brush. Several layers to obtain unique effects.

- Design ©Pierre Casenove -
25x36 cm

Oval plate S hand-crafted with passion, in our French workshops in Drôme.
High intensity firing at 1280°C, giving great strength & long life
Glazed stoneware. Non-porous. Chip resistant. Natural durable components, healthy for you and the environment: lead and cadmium free.

Products of artisanal manufacture which includes chance, all our pieces may have very slight variations of colour or shape. Each ceramic is unique: the magic & alchemy of High Intensity firing.
Easy contemporary everyday use: dishwasher and microwave safe.