in the heart of winter


around the bowl

While nature sleeps under its frozen coat, our homes are shelters where it's nice to hibernate. The tables are filled with the taste of sharing, and we seek to nourish ourselves with good food, warmth and beauty. Soups, veloutés and broths warm, bring people together and soothe. At the heart of our winter collections, the bowl is a symbolic object, both useful and boundless. With its gentle and simple curves, the bowl is an invitation to indulge and to be grateful.


ceramic freedom

Spontaneous, simple, and living, Jars creations relate creative freedom. Daring unexpected contrasts; evading the classics, following one's instinct. Impudently. Experimenting with the infinite palette of glazes colours, and sensual materials. Experimenting with shapes and conserving their wild nature. Seeking to refine simplicity. Being moved by this surprising poetry. Keeping love for the material intact everyday. Ceramics with organic charm. Everyday true luxury. Profound nature.


artisanal history

Passion for the earth, fine gestures, attention to detail: an inheritance of values which have always persisted in our manufacture.
Transmission: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
All our creations are fully hand made with passion: 10 steps, handled on average 21 times, 50 times or more for exclusive pieces.
Each piece is unique. The poetical happenstance of intense heat and glaze.

" Silence is the soul of things. "
M. Rollinat

custom made
jars (le labo)

A permanent space for (re)creation, where our passion as ceramicists
encounters the creativity of designers, artists or starred top chefs. 
Opportunities from meetings. Enhancing the material. Designing objects of all kinds: functional, unusual or poetic.
For inventing differently.


nos instantanés

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