jars (le labo)

A laboratory, JARS has always had one.
The heart of creation. An integral part of the workshops.
The lab takes things further. Freely. With imagination.

customised luxury

A laboratory of ideas, stimulating and inventive,
(le labo), above all is
a story of encounters.
A space for permanent creation,
where our passion as ceramicist meets the creativity
of top chefs, designers & artistic creators.
Inventing differently.



An artistic approach, cherished dialogue. Affinity with the universe.
Values in synergy. Seeking rarity, exclusive & unique objects.
Enhancing materials. Shaping desires. Revealing ideas.
Imagining objects of all kinds, functional, unusual or poetic.


a dedicated team

Listening. Exchanging. Ingenuity. Excellence.
Strength combined with talent. Creative and human synergy.
At JARS in our Drôme workshops, we have integrated
much artisanal know-how. Home-made & Hand-made.
We carry out all the steps, from the design plans,
devising the ideal clay paste, mould creation,
specific glazes and all the research for materials & textures.
Leading to an immense creative potential. Stimulating. Reinvigorating. Joyous.