Created especially for the festive season, our Les Recyclés scented candles revive the flame of past collections. Filled with 100% soy vegetable wax, the mugs, bowls, tumblers... diffuse the fragrance of a country house at wintertime. These warm, elegant models will enhance your festive table settings, and once the candle has burned down, they'll become useful again. To give and receive in attractive furoshiki-style fabric packaging.
  • sharing-ivoire-satine-ceramique
  • sharing-brique-ceramique
  • sharing-paon-ceramique
  • sharing-bleu-satine-ceramique
  • sharing-havane-ceramique
  • jardin-epeautre-ceramique
  • algue_marine
  • nuancier_rhubarbe
  • jardin-patisson-ceramique
  • dashi-vert-olive-ceramique
limited edition handmade