Soup plate Cantine terre cuite, ceramic  tableware
Vegetarian salad in soup plate Cantine terre cuite by Jars Céramistes
Meal served in handmade ceramic soup plate by Jars




Ceramic soup plate Cantine terre cuite

Everyday collection.
Quite simply beautiful and practical, the everyday collection. Renewed from the workshops.
Simple glazes you love forever. A glossy finish with fresh colours.

Ceramic soup plate. Stacking shape, vintage feel.
Combine with the Cantine dessert plate S to make a pretty & practical Bento.
Then your little dishes are easy to carry, store, and reheat.

Terre cuite glaze, a touch of pep in the collection.
Hand sprayed.

- Design ©Catherine Sales -

⌀ 19,5 cm / H 4,5 cm

Soup plate, fully hand-made with passion, in our French manufacture in Drôme.
Jars is anchored in its Drôme territory, in the South of France.
All products come from the same workshop, guaranteeing 100% French manufacturing.

High intensity firing at 1280°C: for high strength & great durability.
Glazed stoneware. Non-porous. Does not chip. Natural lasting components, safe for you and the environment.

Artisanal production where chance exists, all our pieces may have very slight variations of colour or shape. Each ceramic is unique: the magic and alchemy of High Intensity firing.
Easy modern everyday use: dishwasher and microwave safe.
The ceramic soup plate is designed to accompany you every day.