our secret tips for your festive table

The ritual of creating the perfect Christmas table is one of the most enjoyable parts of the festive season.
Our first piece of advice? Treat it like a game—release your inner child & have fun!
At Jars we love spontaneity, the wonder of the moments we share together, happy and free. 
We design tables that tell a story, that set the scene—neither too perfect nor too symmetrical, inventive and generous, welcoming.
Fancy creating your own this year? Then step this way as we share some tips:
- Shake up your materials. Play on contrasts.
Chic & natural. Stripped back & sophisticated.
If you’re feeling bold, why not go for a mohair tablecloth or a quilted velvet bedspread for a vintage look?
- Mix and match colours and shapes to inject a little fun and charm, perhaps with semi-tones of the same colour or maybe sharp contrasts.
We’re loving the all-white look this year, combining matte and gloss whites with ivory and off-white shades.
- Make a date with nature and take a walk to gather plants to enhance your decor. Add fir branches, winter berries and dried flowers to form your centrepiece, punctuated with small decorative items or candles for a touch of sparkle and personality.
- Top it all off with some pretty crockery.
Here, too, you can let your creativity run wild! Try layering different shapes, styles and sizes, stacking them, mismatching them, giving your tableware its own unique twist.
A coffee cup to hide a little surprise in, a dessert plate for a mini starter, and bingo!
Simplicity is also the way forward in the kitchen, using local ingredients to prepare good food together in a joyful atmosphere.
The Jars top tip for bringing your table to life: give overly formal table settings the boot. 
Smile, you're done, it’s beautiful, you’re good to go... All that’s left is to pop that cork!