Eggcups & creamers

Perfect-imperfect, with irregular lines…
Discover the egg cups and creamers made by our passionate ceramists.

Modern and timeless, Jars eggcups and creamers cultivate a perfect irregularity, combining the precious and robust. Unique pieces, with variations, but rigorously calibrated. Products with delicate shapes and sensual touch, made to last, to keep and pass on.

All our ceramic eggcups and creamers, more precisely in stoneware, have been made in our manufacture in Drôme since 1857. Each piece is handmade, with a sure, precise and controlled gesture. Everyday objects, Jars ceramics are with you every day for easy, modern use.

Jars ceramics invite you to mix, mingle and play with shapes and colors to create unexpected contrasts. Organic lines, glazes with matt or gloss effects, perfectly imperfect shapes. Dare to mix and match to create inventive, creative and colorful tables.

A few ideas...
Play with color combinations with the Jardin de Maguelone collection. Or reveal the finely crackled glazes in the Maguelone collection.

We believe in beautiful tables, prepared with tenderness, around which life takes place: the accomplice looks, the shared emotions, the joy of being together.