a festive table by Nayla, founder of Bbuble

‘Nayla is a lover of delicate things, hence her Bbuble brand of personalised jewellery. She invites us to discover her interpretation of the convivial and precious festive table, using tableware from Jars Céramistes.

On this table, with its wood grain showing through, every detail has been thought through with heart and soul. The desire to please through affection and surprise is illustrated by the gentle way in which Nayla composes this poetry of ceramics, glassware and woven fabrics. An ode to hospitality that manifests itself in the little touches she reserves for her guests, making every moment at the table unique and memorable. Nothing superfluous, just an essential arrangement dressed in noble, discreet materials that leave plenty of room for laughter, jokes, endless anecdotes and sparkling winks. The magic of Nayla, founder of b.b.u.b.l.e personalised jewellery, is at work here.’

Find out all about it on Les Confettis magazine website.